A&N Podcast: 2/10 Andy's Awkward Question To Teresa Caputo & What Boyfriend Redflag Did You Overlook?

It's almost Valentines and our show is getting the dirty little secrets.
Also, Andy asked the most inappropriate question EVER during an interview today.

* I was so 'booty blinded' - He was SO HOT I overlooked ___________
* INTERVIEW: Theresa Caputo -- Andy asked her the most inappropriate question ever!
* Valentines at Country Heritage - Trivia: According to a survey this lasts 5 minutes 
* Nichole has gone full on Jetsons... what she now has Alexa do for her and Henry
* Andy's late night "my wife is pregnant" run
* The Celebrity Twins IVF Question
* Random Valentines Topic... Have you dated a coworker?
* Boudoir Noir 50 Shades Giveaway TRIVIA: The #1 Single Woman reveal their most recent relationship ended

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