A&N Podcast: 2/9 Indiana's Do Not Call List, Poetry Corner, & The $250K Janitor

It's a SNOW DAY for many and it'll be 60 in two days...

Heeeeeellllllllllllo FORT WAYNE!

* The Do Not Call List... Do you need to re-register?
 * Andy thinks Nichole is "Having a day" because she wore THIS to work
* Nichole's vacation anxiety - happy and sad
* Imagine making $160K in OVERTIME ... for sleeping. 
* It's 2017 and THIS is being banned on Valentines Day?
* Andy & Nichole's Poetry Corner
* Who wants to see Theresa Caputo?
* Nichole's Hollywood Flirty on the Thirty - Brady Gate, Day 4
* Headline News

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