A&N Podcast: 2/6 Superbowl, 50 Shades Darker, & Silly Couple Fights

The day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday....

* Headline News - The Super Bowl SHOCKER!
* Did you know there was a "wardrobe malfunction" last night?!
* So did people love the Super Bowl? What did the trends say?
* Andy & Nichole disagree on Lady Gaga's halftime show
* It's a 50 Shades week with Andy & Nichole TRIVIA: The #1 thing woman want their man to do during romance?
* Do you remember the products being sold during the SB commercials last night?
* Nichole's Hollywood Flirty on the 30
* The Top 5 Couple Fight Topics
* The #1 Thing About Traveling to Fort Wayne!?
* The Crazy way Nichole packs for Vacation

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